How can I order a HYPSTAR system?

Commercialized versions of the HYPSTAR systems will be available for orders in early 2023, once the H2020/HYPERNETS ends. 
If you would like to acquire a HYPSTAR system immediately, please be patient. We are finishing off the product development. Meanwhile, you can always express your interest to our H2020/HYPERNETS Coordinator Kevin Ruddick. We will get back to you.

Do you receive a pre-order?

At the moment, we do not receive pre-orders.

How can I become a beta tester?

Our beta testers are limited within the H2020/HYPERNETS Consortium. You can follow the deployments of 7 HYPSTAR prototypes and 24 refined systems on Twitter @Hypernets_H2020.

What is the best way to get in contact?

You can email our H2020/HYPERNETS Coordinator Kevin Ruddick. He is a friendly guy.

What is the best way to learn more about HYPSTAR development and commercialization?

Up till now, you can learn more about HYPSTAR via some channels, for examples:


Last updated: 24-Oct-2021